Our Philosophy

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, focuses on how diseases affect daily functions such as walking or using an arm or leg, either at work or at home. The specialty incorporates knowledge in neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, internal medicine and surgery. Her specialty focuses on improving the function and quality of life for people with any kind of chronic disease, including cancer and progressive neurologic disease. It also includes special training in ordering prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics (braces), customized wheelchairs and performing electrodiagnostic testing (EMG/NCV).


Dr. Tabby’s training provides her with a comprehensive approach to caring for the mind and body of each patient from a functional standpoint. This approach allows her to understand how pain in a foot or a finger can affect the rest of the limb, or how a limp or prosthetic on one side of the body can impact the opposite side of the body in the trunk and limbs. Dr. Tabby believes in listening to the patient's history and performing a careful physical examination, reviewing records and coming up with a diagnosis for the problems presented. She creates personalized recommendations tailored to the individual’s specific needs.


Dr. Tabby’s treatment methods are nonnarcotic, emphasizing judicious use of medications, reducing medications when possible, using trigger point injections, and applying topical medications. She recommeds hands-on modalities such as heat, ice and massage to relieve discomfort, swelling and pain. She also incorporates adjunct therapy such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, and the use of orthotics (braces) and prosthetics (artificial limbs) as necessary. She uses Botox for spasticity in cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions and trigger point injections into muscles for pain relief.


Dr. Tabby is a strong advocate of the importance of vitamins, nutrition and self-exercise. Incorporating daily consistent exercise is a hallmark of treatment. Exercise maintains muscle tone and endurance, reduces stress and empowers the person to take responsibility for his or her own physical condition. Her goal is to actively engage patients in their care to prevent future injuries, educate them so they can self-heal through exercises and other modalities, and overall provide them with the treatment and support to help them return to their best form and live optimally.


A multidisciplinary team approach is a large component of the work that is done and advocated for by Dr. Tabby. Coordination and optimal communication with all members of the patient’s healthcare team provides the best outcomes for the patient, incorporating several different treatment modalities to create the greatest synergistic effect.

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